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Welcome to Chris and Terri's **AWARD WINNING**


*SECOND PLACE* 2013 Falls Township Holiday Spirit House Decorating Contest

Want to see the display in person?

The Blinking House Junior is located on Valley Drive Morrisville,PA, just above the Valley Day School.

About the Display

  • **2nd Place 2013 Falls Township Holiday Spirit House Decorating Contest
  • **4th Place 2011 Falls Township Holiday spirit House Decorating Contest
  • The Lights turn on at 5:00pm.
  • They go off at 9:30pm .
  • Listen to the music broadcast on your car radio at 92.9 FM as you watch the lights dance.
  • The last night for the display will be January 6th.
  • We have 40 songs which repeat throughout the night. Stop by often to enjoy them all!
  • Please be courteous to our neighbors! Dim your headlights as you enjoy the show.
  • Avoid blocking the street and please don't stop in front of driveways.
  • It takes a lot of electricity and cords to light up the Blinking House Junior. For their own safety, please keep children and pets off the lawn.
  • For safety reasons, the show may not run in severe weather.