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Special Thanks

Thank You to:

My daughter Terri-
For her help, advice, and encouragement. Her excitement is one of the main reasons I look forward to setting up the display every year.
My son-in-law Chris-
For his assistance with one the most precarious parts of setting up the display, putting the Stars of Wonder atop the 20 and 30 ft trees.
My daughter-in-law Jen-
For her patience, understanding, and generousity in dealing with the demands I make on her husband's time as he advises and assists me in the design of the Blinking House and this web-site. Also for acting as the main delivery service between her husband and me. Jen-Ex is much more reliable than Fed-Ex and much, much better looking.
My very good friends Bob and Carol Epperson and Lou Martin-
For always being on call when I need an extra set of hands during set-up and take-down and always offering encouraging words when I need them the most.
My Nieghbors-
For tolerating the inconveniences the Blinking House may cause and for their kind words and encouragement during the long hours of setting up the display. Matt and Kathy Phalen even permitted to anchor my Fireworks off in their yard.

A Very Special Thanks to:

My wife Mary-
For putting up with my single-mindedness during the set-up days, the delayed dinners, the impromptu shopping runs for lights and extension cords. But mostly for her encouragement and her hard work making the inside of the Blinking House every bit as festive as the outside.
My son Steve-
For all of his advice and assistance in purchasing lights and setting up the technology for the Blinking House and for his enthusiasm which inspires me to try to improve the display each year. Without his encouragement and assistance, the Blinking House would have: NO FM broadcast; NO coordination of lights in the front, side, and back yards; No LED lights; NO web-site; No Fireworks, No Muppets, and about 80% FEWER lights coordinated with the music.
Check out his web-site at:Twinklinghouse.com
My very good Friend Ron Stratton-
For assisting me each year with the most challenging parts of the display. From the 20 and 30 ft evergreens in the back yard to the New for 2017 Fireworks. He is on call whenever I am attempting things I absolutely can not do by myself.
My good Friend and technical adviser Kevin Wye-
For building my FM transmitting attenna and always being on call when ever I have a technical problm.

Thanks to all who visit and share in the Spirit of Christmas!